MVA Seminar – Responding to a Data Breach: What to Expect and What to Avoid

RESPONDING TO A DATA BREACH: WHAT TO EXPECT AND WHAT TO AVOID (APRIL 20, 2016): Verizon, Experian, and T-Mobile are on a growing list of entities impacted by major data breaches in the past year.  But data breaches are not just limited to large national companies or organizations. No one is immune. For most organizations—big or small—the question is not “if” they will be impacted by a data breach, but “when.” This seminar will help attendees gain a better understanding of what to do in the aftermath of a data breach, analyzing such questions as:

  • What should I expect after a breach occurs?
  • What are the best first steps to take to mitigate further loss of information?
  • What are the general reporting obligations to regulators, federal and state?
  • Do I need to notify my clients/customers, and if so, how and when?
  • What can I do to prevent the next breach?


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