MVA Seminar – Limiting Legal Liability for Potential Privacy and Data Security Issues: Practical Approaches to a Complex Problem

LIMITING LEGAL LIABILITY FOR POTENTIAL PRIVACY AND DATA SECURITY ISSUES: PRACTICAL APPROACHES TO A COMPLEX PROBLEM (APRIL 29, 2015):  You know that privacy and data security issues pose a huge risk for your company.  Regulatory penalties, litigation costs and recovery, and even just the cost of analyzing a data breach and sending out required notices can hurt a company’s bottom line not to mention its reputation.  Target’s breach cost the company over $148 million.  Fortunately, there are practical steps that your company can take now to limit liability when the inevitable occurs. With the help of industry experts, this sixth installment in MVA’s Privacy and Data Security Group’s client seminar series will focus on two of these practical steps:  (1) records management and destruction; and (2) cyber-liability insurance.  We’ll also give you a full download on the hottest privacy and data security legal developments in the past year.  For additional information click here.

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